Custom Championship Belt Manufacturing

solid fighter custom championship belts manufacturer

Solid Fighter manufactures custom championship belts for boxing or any sort of event with a custom logo and design.
Here are the processes involved in creating custom belts.

1. Mockup Design:
– Work with the client to create a detailed design, incorporating specific features, logos, and any unique elements.

2. Material Selection:
– Choose materials such as leather for the belt strap, metal for plates Zinc / Bras, and possibly gemstones or other decorative elements.

3. Metal Plate Production:
– Create the metal plates through the Laser cutting process and then the etching process ensuring precision in shaping and engraving.

4. Leather Preparation:
– Cut and shape the leather for the belt strap, paying attention to size, thickness, and any tooling or embossing required.

5. Assembly:
– Combine the metal plates and leather strap, attaching plates securely to the strap using screws, rivets, or other fasteners.

6. Paint in Engraving:
– Add any additional details like custom engravings, paint, or gems to enhance the aesthetic appeal.

7. Tooling and Stitching:
– Use specialized tools to add patterns or designs to the leather strap, and employ stitching for reinforcement and decoration.

8. Quality Control:
– Inspect the completed belt for any defects, ensuring that it meets the client’s specifications and quality standards.

9. Polish:
– Apply any final finishes or coatings to protect and enhance the appearance of the championship belt.

10. Packaging and Delivery:
– Package the finished belt securely for transport, taking precautions to prevent damage during shipping.

Throughout this process, skilled artisans, including designers, metalworkers, and leatherworkers, play crucial roles in bringing the custom championship belt to life. Each step requires precision and attention to detail to create a high-quality and visually appealing product.